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Verizon Wireless 5G:
Verizon Wireless is offering 5G Wireless under the name, "Home" as a Fixed Wireless residential service available now in Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis, and Sacramento. Sign up with Verizon Wireless today
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AT&T 5G Wireless:
Coming in 2018 to Charlotte and Raleigh, NC, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Atlanta, and Waco, TX.  AT&T also currently offers High-Speed Internet via Fixed Wireless in certain markets. AT&T recently introduced "5G Evolution" which is an interim step toward real 5G Wireless downloads with optimized 4G LTE that provides higher speeds than previously available.

T-Mobile 5G Wireless:
Coming in 2018 to New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas. T-Mobile also claims "5G in 30 cities in 2018."

Sprint 5G Wireless:
Coming in 2019 to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. Sprint will initially offer "Massive MIMO," a high-speed alternative to true 5G, with actual 5G Wireless being offered later.

5G Wireless: The New Way to Get Internet to Your Home or Business:
How Wireless Internet Works
Using cable, phone lines or fiber to connect your home is the old way. Running a new wire down your street attaching a cable one pole or one hole at a time to increase your Internet capacity is slow and expensive.  With wireless, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) builds one wireless site on a tower or high structure that serves you and all your neighbors.  This is often referred to as the "hub", and it serves the "last mile" of your Internet connection.

Limitations of the Old Ways:
Not only is expanding a new wired Internet connection slow and expensive, it is limited to the technology used.  TV cable shares the connection with hundreds of video TV channels and the copper wires used by the phone company can only carry a limited amount of bandwidth and only for a distance of a few thousand feet.  While fiber has enough bandwidth to serve our future online needs, the cost of stringing another line down your street has been found to be unprofitable even for the largest companies in the US.
The Data Capacity of Wireless is Growing:
Wireless Internet already uses 4G - LTE bandwidth which can range from 5Mb to 50Mb downloads.  In some areas wireless carriers are using multiple channel capabilities which can double and triple those download speeds.  Even in areas where wireless data is slow, 3G and below, it may be the fastest service available.  You aren't still using dialup are you?
5G Wireless is Being Built Today:
The next generation of wireless technology, 5G, is being developed primarily for the "last mile" customer.  While 5G Wireless will also be available for the mobile Internet user, the largest bandwidth users will be in a fixed location such as a home or office.  5G Wireless networks are being built today and as they evolve, equipment and channels will be developed to provide the largest amount of data capabilities to the largest number of customers.

Most proposals will utilize 5G Wireless with fixed wireless sites. In some cases, a much higher frequency band will be used which is limited to an even more critical "line-of-sight" path.  Download speeds may be dependant on how strong, or "direct," your wireless signal is, less than that required by your smartphone.

Other High-Speed Wireless Internet is Available Now:
Until 5G Wireless arrives in your neighborhood, there are a number of Wireless Internet products available today.  We feature the most popular and economical Wireless Internet units on our home page.  These methods use various cellular channels to connect you to the Internet and contains a Wi-Fi connection to link up all your online devices: computers, tablets, IoT devices (like your thermostat or your refrigerator) and even your smartphone.

Fixed Wireless:
How Fixed Wireless Works
Fixed Wireless is the next step in 5G Wireless Internet.  Fixed Wireless includes an outdoor antenna that is professionally mounted on or near the exterior of your home or business to provide a strong signal for better connectivity. Since Fixed Wireless is attached to a building, what you lose in portability you make up with a faster and more reliable data connection. Fixed Wireless is primarily available today in areas where other high-speed Internet connections are not offered.  Fixed Wireless may be offered by a number of independent ISP's  in several parts of the country and is expanding nationally by AT&T. With 5G, Fixed Wireless will become more common, some with self-installing simplicity.

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See If AT&T Fixed Wireless is Available Near You:
AT&T Fixed Wireless High Speed Internet

  • AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet includes an outdoor antenna that is professionally mounted on or near the exterior of your home or business to provide a strong signal for better connectivity.
  • Actual price varies based on installation requirements.
  • Minimum download speed 10Mb.
  • Connect your Wi-Fi devices including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.
  • 160Gb download included, higher data usage billed in 50GB increments.
  • Offered in limited areas of the US.
  • Check Availability

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