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With the advent of 5G Wireless, your access to the Internet can now be as fast as conventional wired broadband services. We're your source for the various ways to hook up to the fastest wireless broadband available today, and when 5G Wireless becomes available in your neighborhood.  Not only is 5G Wireless potentially faster than other broadband services, it can be cheaper as well.

Our focus is on wireless products specifically designed to replace your current wired Internet connection, and that wireless is the only communications connection you need. We'll also offer wireless home phones, which can be bundled with the wireless Internet connection and are now almost as reliable as landline phones. We'll also alert you to any new specials as they are found. While we don't supply customer service for these products, we do want to know if you have any difficulties with our suppliers so we can review our relationship with them.

Any reviews or opinions shared on this site are our own and are not influenced or paid for by any advertiser. We have asked our advertising partners to not track your visit at this site and you can read more about our privacy policy. We try to keep these pages as mobile-friendly as possible. If you find it hard to navigate let us know. We do not support any pop-ups or intrusive advertising and we request that you avoid using ad blockers to preserve the efficient layout of our pages. This site is operated by the Mountain Wireless Networks. You can also talk back to us on the Mountain Wireless Discussion Page.

mail [at] mountainwireless.net


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