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5G Wireless Internet at Home
Your new alternative to the cable or phone company for internet access
5G Wireless for Your Home Internet
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How Fast is it?

5G Wireless at Home (or Small Business)
In 2019, about 30% of homes in the US have only one (or less) internet provider available. As 5G Wireless becomes more available, we will have additional sources for internet access.  5G Wireless has the potential that you will no longer have only the cable or phone company as your source for your internet.

Yes, 5G Wireless can work with your computer, tablet and all the other Wi-Fi devices in your home, and it may be cheaper than what you are paying today.  Even more important, you should get much faster speeds. You can already get fairly fast wireless internet with 4G LTE speeds today.  With 5G Wireless at home, you can increase your connection speed into the hundreds of Megabits and some into the Gigabit range.

What about the cost?  With 5G Wireless at home, you may pay a lower price than your current service.  Even if it costs more, it may be worth it if you get more data coming down the pipe. There is another benefit that may appear, the cable and telephone companies might need to reduce their price for internet since they may be providing an inferior service.

The hard part of switching to 5G Wireless at home is our mindset.  How can something that normally operates with the phone in our pocket now provide the broadband access in our home?  Try it and see!

5G Home Wireless Devices:
AT&T 5G Wireless at Home:
The AT&T wireless router is a hotspot that is compatible with AT&T's "5G Evolution" which will give you their fastest wireless connection available.  It uses both Wi-Fi bands and can be taken with you away from home.  It also has a battery backup to provide access to your portable wireless devices while mobile or during a power outage.

Verizon Wireless 5G at Home:
Verizon's "Home" gives all your wireless devices 5G speeds throughout your home. Enjoy your video access and games with much less lag with fewer frozen videos and delays.  "Home" 5G is, or soon will be, available in all Verizon Wireless 5G markets.
Verizon Wireless is offering their "Home" 5G Wireless access FREE for the first 3 months!

No 5G Yet? Other High-Speed Wireless Internet is Available Now:
Until 5G Wireless arrives in your neighborhood, there are a number of Wireless Internet products available today.  We feature the most popular and economical Wireless Internet units on our Home Phone Zone.  These methods use various cellular channels to connect you to the Internet and contains a Wi-Fi connection to link up all your online devices: computers, tablets, IoT devices (like your thermostat or your refrigerator) and even your smartphone. Some areas also have Fixed Wireless available.

How Fast is 5G Wireless Internet?
Qualcomm, developer of new 5G Wireless chips, recently tested their performance on actual cellular networks. The results showed browsing speeds of 71 Mbps for the median 4G-LTE user, improving to 1.4 Gbps for the median 5G user, with response times roughly 23 times faster.  This is using 28 GHz spectrum using the addition of 4 License Assisted Access (LAA) bands.  In the lab, 5G has been tested as high as 20Gbps.

Real world experience using far less optimized frequency bands will limit performance to somewhat slower speeds, with 4G-LTE downloads expected at around 50 Mbps, with 5G performance up to 10 times that, at 500 Mbps. Your speed will be dependant on the distance to the cell site.  As an example, Verizon's "Home" internet service provides as close to 300 Mb at your fixed location as possible.  AT&T's "5G Evolution" download speeds vary from 4G LTE performance up to 100's of Mb.

Rural customers and users living in areas where wired services have not yet been upgraded stand to have
substantial improvements with 5G Wireless.

Is Fixed Wireless Available Near You?
AT&T Fixed Wireless High Speed Internet

  • AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet includes an outdoor antenna that is professionally mounted on or near the exterior of your home or business to provide a strong signal for better connectivity.
  • Actual price varies based on installation requirements.
  • Minimum download speed 10Mb.
  • Connect your Wi-Fi devices including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.
  • 160Gb download included, higher data usage billed in 50GB increments.
  • Offered in limited areas of the US.
  • Check Availability
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