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Where 5G Wireless is Available:
Some cities may have 5G operating but not yet announced. What about Sprint 5G?
The 3 largest cellular companies offer 5G coverage in different forms, in different areas. Learn about the differences among Low-, Mid-, and High-Band coverage.

AT&T offers Low-Band 5G in most populated areas of the country, High-Band in a few urban areas.

T-Mobile offers Low-Band 5g coverage in most of the US, Mid-Band in most urban areas, and High-Band in the core of a small number of large cities.

Verizon Wireless offers Low-Band 5G coverage in most US Metropolitan areas sharing space with their other non-5G wireless users, and "High-Band" coverage in very limited areas of several of the largest US cities.

Other carriers offer 5G coverage and are listed on our 5G Review Page.

Get 5G maps and listed cities at Cellular Maps.

5G User's Guide:

5G Wireless Reviews
Check what channels and technology are used by the major wireless carriers to help determine which is best for you.  Not all 5G is created equal.  There are significant differences based on location, frequency and equipment.

5G Wireless Internet
You can finally get your internet access wirelessly.  5G Wireless can get you online where others have failed or for a lower price.

► Prepaid 5G
Several Prepaid carriers offer 5G coverage and many more will add it soon, with a compatable 5G device.

What is 5G Wireless?
A quick explanation of how 5G is different than other versions of wireless.

How Fast is 5G?
5G Wireless speeds range from just a little faster than 4G-LTE, to blazing fast Gig speeds.

Other 5G Wireless Situations
Prepaid? Small carriers? Mergers? There are several factors that could make 5G Wireless even more useful to you.

► 5G Coverage Maps

5G Buzz
A listing of our own 5G updates, articles and discussions.

What About Sprint 5G?
Since Sprint has been acquired by T-Mobile your Sprint phone may get somewhat better coverage.  But if you want the much-improved Sprint and T-Mobile combined coverage, you'll need a compatible device.
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