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Where 5G Wireless is Available:
5G Cities Listed Alphabetically.
Cities not listed may have 5G operating but not yet announced.

AT&T 5G Wireless:
Various forms of 5G Wireless are available from AT&T in 19 Cities across the US. AT&T labels theirs "5G Evolution" which is an interim step toward real 5G service, with optimized 4G LTE that provides higher speeds than previously available.
AT&T also currently offers High-Speed Internet via conventional Fixed Wireless in certain markets.

► AT&T 5G Wireless Coverage

Sprint 5G Wireless:
Sprint now offers fairly large areas of 5G Wireless. Their coverage is quite broad and can be used in a mobile environment. Sprint is initially offering "Massive MIMO," which is claimed to offer peak 5G performance and is available to mobile users.  Sprint is using "Mid-Band" (2.5 GHz) frequencies which has better coverage but slightly slower download speeds.

Sprint 5G Coverage Maps

T-Mobile 5G Wireless:
T-Mobile now offers 5G Wireless in several major markets. They are using "High-Band" frequencies (39 GHz) but have successfully tested 5G Wireless at 600 MHz which holds the promise of widespread 5G coverage.

T-Mobile 5G Wireless Coverage Maps

Verizon Wireless 5G:
Verizon Wireless is offering mobile 5G Wireless in several cities and 5G Wireless for a fixed location, only, under the name, "Home", is in Los Angeles, Houston, and Sacramento. Verizon is using the 28 GHz band for 5G coverage. Their "Home" and Mobile networks are not compatible with each other, but that will change in the future. They can or will be offering their "Home" internet service in all 5G Wireless markets.

► Verizon Wireless 5G Coverage

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Special 5G Locations:

C Spire
C Spire 5G Wireless:
C Spire, the largest and most aggressive company among smaller wireless carriers, is offering very small pockets of 5G coverage in their Mississippi and border service areas. They offer 5G Wireless service in Gulf Port, MS. They also offer 5G-quality fixed internet access across Mississippi
by deploying fiber to a “hub home.” That home gets free internet service from the company and then broadcasts a wireless signal to nearby homes. For nearby homes that sign up for its service, C Spire installs a dinner plate-sized antenna receiver on their roof.

The "New T-Mobile":
If the T-Mobile/Sprint merger is approved, not only will their existing 5G Wireless coverage be available to both companies' customers, they will also both have access to a much broader swath of spectrum for 5G service than they have individually.  There is no assurance this merger will occur, or when.

U.S. Cellular
US Cellular 5G:
US Cellular has announced their own 5G wireless coverage across large parts of Wisconsin and Iowa.  They intend to use their 600 MHz and 700 MHz spectrum to provide very broad 5G coverage in both urban and rural areas.

5G for Your Prepaid Phone:
We expect 5G to eventually be available to each carrier's cellular 're-sellers' (MVNO). Sprint is making all of its 5G coverage available to their MVNO partners as soon as possible and most likely no later than the beginning of 2020. This may include partners of T-Mobile if their Sprint/T-Mobile merger is approved.

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